Precious fall. Tips to live it intensely
Photo: Amy Scott-Samuel

Precious fall. Tips to live it intensely

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With each new red leaf, a slightly shorter day, and the drop in temperatures, it´s obvious that we are starting a new season.
The truth is I like all the seasons, but as I live in a mountain village,for me autumn is a true spectacle

Nature takes on warmer colors, and that warmth should also go with other aspects of our life.
Our inner scenary reflects the changes in the mother nature during the season. Our physiology, literally perceives these changes, this is why it`s important to adopt a seasonal routine to align ourselves whith the dynamic rithms of the natural world.

The way in which yuo take care with yourself during autunm will determin your body`s capacity to be healthy during Winter.
Now is the moment to be warm and cosy and also to eat healthily to protect your vitality in preparation for the colder months.

Adapt your diet.

The arrival of a new season is a good time to change your diet. Change salads and cold soups for stew and broths.
Embrace the delicious types of food that autunm offers. Enjoy the pumpkins, parsnip, sweet potatoes, turnip, apples, pears, pomegranate.
The autumn is the season of the warm and earthy colors, deep greens, dark yellows, and bright oranges.
When you eat types of food that are rich in these colors, you are absorbing the earth´s energy. Food in autumn is vibrant, colorfull and very nutritious.


Photo: Amy Scott-Samuel
Photo: Amy Scott-Samuel


You can add fresh grated ginger to your slightly warm wáter with lemon in the mornings, it will help you to wake up and it will stimulate your digestive system.
Don`t forget to drink lots of water.


Another powerful way to boost your inmune system and to be fit is practicing Yoga.
Connect with the earth in autumn to find a solid base for your feet.
Ayurveda tells us that autumn is Vata´s season. To balance it you can work on leinthening your breaths. When you do longer exalations you are able to connect more easily whith the earth and you can balance your unstable feelings.
Try to find a weekly routine that helps you find balance.

Make the most of these cool temperatures to go for a walk and embrace the beauty of the scenary, spend time in nature and try to get as much sunlight as posible.
Transform your walks into moving meditation, feel, breathe and enjoy that incredible transformation

Time for you

Shorter days and longer nights are the perfect excuse to find some time to take care of ourselves.
Use the sunset to spend some relaxing time at home. Wear confortable clothes and take your personal space.
Autumn is a good momento to slow down and enjoy inner meditation.
Resting is very important in any season. Try to go to bed earlier and sleep between 7 and 9 hours.

Beauty Routine

Change the light creams that you have been using during summer for unctuous facial and body oils. It´s neccesary to hidrate and nourish.

Also on your hair. Put on a vegetable oil masks a few hours before washing it, or even leave it on all night.
Wait for the moon to be crescent to cut it. It´s good to give it a trim now and again. I have long hair and after summer I always cut it a Little because, as much as I try to take care of it, it always dries a Little.

Super Superfoods

This autumn I have added to my beauty routine two powdered suplements. He Shou Wu root, also known as Fo-ti and Ashwaganda root.

He Shou Wu is a beauty and longevity tonic. It`s specially useful for nourishing skin, hair and nails, the nervious system and the sexual core. It´s improves your immune system and increases the antioxidant activity as well as many other benefits.

Ashwaganda is ideal for hormonal balance and for articulations. It’s also a strong blood generator, it improves brain functions and memory, and it boosts your immune system. It gives you energy and strenght. It reduces mental, emotional and physical stress, as well as anxiety, depression and insomnia. It’s fantastic!

Ashwaganda will bring harmony to body, mind and spirit.

I take both these supplements (about half a spoonful of each of them) with sugarfree almond drinks, with fruit or with pure cocoa milkshakes. They can also be taken with other vegetable beverages. Adapting and changing with each season is only natural.


Thanks Lola, for opening the doors to your precious garden.
Thanks Amy Scott-Samuel, for the photos.

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