¿Can Yoga affect our way of aging?

¿Can Yoga affect our way of aging?

What I love about Yoga is that it’s a very complete discipline. This is as you first work at a physical level; using all the parts of the body, then at both a mental and emotional level.

Yoga has changed my life. I found it due to chronic back pain, circulation problems on my legs and a bad posture.

However, nowdays I can say that I don’t feel any pain, my circulation flows very well, and I have a perfect posture.

I feel alive, vital and motivated to keep learning. I’m also able to manage my emotions in a mature and relaxed way.

At an aesthetic level I feel my skin smooth and firm.

Actually,  I am 40, with two children, and I feel better than when I was 20!! (In all aspects.)

Research in the last thirty years has demonstrated that yoga, meditation and a healthy diet can reduce the telomeres wear within our bodies. (The part of our DNA that is related to the ageing process.


Photo: Gerd Hiepler
Photo: Gerd Hiepler



Telomeres are at the end of our DNA and protect our chromosomes. They are related to our biological age, and when they get shorter, our longevity decreases.

Our telomeres will naturally get shorter with age. Although, it is demostrated that stress, tabaquism, bad diet and lack of excercise drives them to shrink even quicker.

Winner of the Nobel Prize, Elizabeth Blackburn’s research has demostrated that after four-six months of regular practice of mindfulness, the enzyme activity that affects the telomere’s length increase to 30 percent and reduce signs of decay.

To conclude, after the scientific evidence we can say that Yoga, the Prenayama Works ( breathing excercises ), and Meditation can help us feel younger for a much greater amount of time! Great!


Photo: Gerd Hiepler
Photo: Gerd Hiepler


Personally, I think that it is necessary to create long-lasting habits to encourage health, well-being, happiness and longevity.

So, how can we do this? Not only making choices whilst establishing intentions and goals, but also choosing what is really important in our lives and making of these things our priority. Also focusing on remembering these priorities when it comes to making vital decisions about our health and futures. I truly think that this is the key.

Thank you Gerd for the photos and for your beautiful energy.

Thank you Barbara for inspiring me every day. I love you.

Photo: Gerd Hiepler

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