Interview with Nianna Bray
Photo: Anja Busse

Interview with Nianna Bray

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After sharing an intense week with her, I have decided to interview her for my blog.

Nianna is an international Yoga teacher, a traveller, and a business woman.
She travels around the world doing Yoga retreats and workshops.
When I met her I found it fascinating to watch her work. She moves with innate elegance. She is full of confidence and light.
Her work is inspired in a profound knowledge of yogui traditions and culture, at the same time her teaching style is open, free and creative.

What do you teach?

I am passionate about life and humanity. My teaching is based on 20 plus years of study in diverse movement modalities from ballet to capoeira or to movement therapy in Feldenkris and years with master teachers of yoga and tantra

My teaching is focused on emotional inteligence, mental dexterity and physical progress. All based in embodyment practices that include breath and mind awareness.

Why do you do what you do?

My greatest joy is to see men and women empowered to live their own truth whtever that may be. Life is short so we must enjoy the good times and learn from the bad ones.

What about your diet?

Because I travel all year long around the world I eat what is given to me. I am grateful for food and everything I put in my mouth. I lean toward healthy fats like avocado, meat from reliable sources, fruits and veggies based on my constitution.

Five beauty tips

– Spend more time in nature

– Walk as much as posible

– Stay hydrated and moisturised

– Make love to yourself

– Relax

Please join me for a training, workshop or retreat in 2018. I travel over the world learning and sharing as I travel.

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