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Once again I have to talk about Christine McArdle, for she was the one that showed me the Bowspring alignment pose.

She started changing basic poses like Trikonasana, Adho Mucka or Ardha Chandrasana between others. It was love at first sight. I started working on the new poses with all my senses, excited, anxious to learn more…

Since then this new technique has evolved a lot. This made me want to continue investigating that wonder I had just found out about. After a year I was able to attend an intensive course with Bowspring creators: Desi Springer and John Friend… It was an extremely life changing moment on all levels.

What is Sridaiva?

It’s a transversal lifestyle that incorporates a positive attitude, on a physical level: Bowspring alignment, a healthy diet as well as the welfare of our planets and it’s life forms.

What is Bowspring?

It’s an alignment system that evolved from modern postural yoga based on the most up to date investigations on physics and biomechanics.

There are basically 3 physical areas in our body: head, ribs and pelvis. These areas are all along the central channel and have different energetic characteristics. In Bowspring these areas are always interconnected.

This alignment system activates your body as a whole and creates a feeling of unity and cooperation  between all your different areas. It’s great!!

Bowspring practice

First: establish what we call a “Radiant Heart” (which is a multidirectional action and expansion from the centre of your rib cage) and the work of arms and shoulders. This gives our body subtle yet powerful lightness.

After, we have to align the lower part of our body, this will establish our roots: feet, knees, pelvis, abdomen and lower back.

In bowspring the 3 major curves in our body are long, active and dynamic, creating a spring effect, this is very important.

They start in the first vertebra that holds our head and end in our tail bone. We call this the double S curve. The thoracic curve bulges outwards and is the main curve, then we have the lumbar curve, that goes from the base of the sacrum to the base of our ribs, and finally the cervical curve. These last two curves are secondary and bulge inwards, towards the central channel.

All your subsequent body is active and toned, your buttocks elevated towards the lumbar area and so is your tail bone.

There is an inclination in the pelvis’ retrogression that starts by activating the myosfacial lines from the toes on your feet

The front part of your body is very active, your stomach stretches and your groin moves down and backwards.

This action levels and opens your pelvic floor, a position in which pubis and ischium are on the same horizontal plane.

The rooting action between feet, pelvis and legs and elevating action of your ribcage makes the lower back emphasize it’s natural curve and it becomes spacious and free.



Here are some of its super effects:

On your body

Liberation from cultural postural dynamics. Recovering “original movement”  or the most natural way of moving through space, you will feel more agile. Your body becomes light, it floats and increases your vitality and resilience.

You will feel a uniform toning of inner and outer body tissues. Your torso will be large and strong, narrow waist, belly long and flat, pompous gluteus and upper action of tail bone.

Your hands and feet are powerful and activated.

Your neck: long and head held high.

Thanks to our “radiant heart” you will breathe better and you will improve your lung capacity.

Your eyes and skin will be shinier.

On your mind

You will find the balance between sensitivity and power.

Your attitude becomes more optimistic and positive.

You will feel your mind is more open and with a better capacity to focus.

On your heart

You will feel a your bravery and courage rise.

Yo will feel more compassionate.

You will have stronger will power.

You will feel immense gratefulness in your heart.

Bowspring alignment can be applied to any yoga pose, athletic movement or functional pose. It’s accessible to people of any age and in all their daily  activities like walking, sitting or standing.

It’s honestly one of the most potent practices at all levels that I have done in my life.

I would like to thank: Desi Springer and John Friend for creating this transforming technique; Christine McArdle for showing it to me for the first time; Isabel Tamurejo and Fernando for opening their home and heart to me; Rubén Revillas and Montse Fernandez for teaching with, and based on, love; all my colleagues whose lives, like mine, have been changed by bowspring; and of course my immense gratitude towards Gabriela Skerj, for her work, her passion, her implication, for teaching and illuminating me every day and of course for coming to Yoga Room and showing us this wonder.


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