Natural tips for a spectacular hair

Natural tips for a spectacular hair

Since ancient times a healthy and shiny hair has been a symbol of health and power.
Whether you wear it long or short, this post is for you.

Here are some tips:


Of course the first step to having a spectacular hair starts inside you.
What you eat directly affects your scalp and follicles, which are the root of good hair. A balanced and varied diet is key.

There are specific nutrients that are involved in the production of keratin, the protein that makes up the hair. Zinc, copper, manganese, iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 and biotin play an important role in the health of your hair.
Concentrate also on foods rich in protein, beta-carotene, folic acid, and omega-3.

Take vegetables such as sweet potatoes that are full of beta-carotene, spinach is rich in folate, beta carotene and vitamin C that nourish the hair follicles. Folate is important because it renews the cells that promote hair growth.
The cabbage, the brewer’s yeast and the peas will also help you.
Take nuts, since they are rich in biotin and essential fatty acids. Also take seeds, flaxseed oil, brown rice, oats and lentils, as they contain iron and zinc that regenerate cell growth, which will help fight hair loss and brittle hair.
Without forgetting fruits like apples, avocados, bananas, blueberries, dates, grapefruits, grapes and oranges.

Take eggs and salmon, as they are proteins and an omega-3 energy source, which will provide you with the essential fatty acids that your body can not produce on its own. These omega-3s are a necessary component for hair growth.

If we talk about supplements I am a fan of He Shou Wu, also calling Fo-ti.

Do not forget that hydration is key, so drink plenty of water to keep your body in perfect working order.

Hair, skin and nails are often reflections of what goes on inside of us. To achieve a radiant exterior, we must take into account the whole body.

Foto: Amy Scott-Samuel
Foto: Amy Scott-Samuel

Massage your scalp with oils

The art of head massage with oils has been practiced in Ayurveda for thousands of years to promote healthy and shiny hair. Deeply nourishes the cells and rejuvenates dry hair, and also stimulates circulation and helps growth.

How to do it?

Heat the oil slightly if you want. The coconut is very good to balance and calm the irritations of the scalp, the Jojoba moisturizes and gives shine, and the castor will help your growth.
Start at the top of your head, separating the hair and applying the oil, I at this point of the massage take the opportunity to add essential oils. Continue until you reach the tips. Then, take a few minutes to massage the scalp with small circular motions. Do it with conscience and enjoy .. Let it rest for 30 minutes (or throughout the night).
In addition to the benefits for your hair and scalp this massage is very relaxing, it is helpful if your head hurts and also promotes sleep and relaxation.

Some of my favorite essential oils for hair


It is used to treat dandruff for its ability to minimize itching of the scalp and scales. It helps to treat dry and dull hair, as well as excessively oily hair. It can also help prevent premature baldness, as it stimulates the hair follicles.


Increase the number of hair follicles. Strengthens the root and prevents the fall.
Recent studies show that this essential oil significantly increases the growth of thicker hair and deeper follicles.

Tea tree

It is a classic that almost everyone knows, It helps to treat dandruff, itchy scalp and fat. It is also effective against lice.

How to apply them?

You can add a few drops of essential oil to the shampoo or prepare your own tonic with essential oils and water as a spray.

Mix in equal parts the vegetable oil of your choice and the essential oil and massage directly into the scalp. Leave on all night.
Sometimes I use them directly, without diluting.

Foto: Amy Scott-Samuel
Foto: Amy Scott-Samuel


The first thing I could say about this topic is that you just wash it less. I do it once a week and that’s enough for me.
My hair does not need more. I think it’s also due to a healthy, toxic-free diet that helps keep my hair clean longer.

Every time we wash our hair we are eliminating the natural oils that it needs to be healthy and protected.
There are people with oily hair who say they have to wash it every day. But what happens is that in the end your hair will be even more oiled. You enter a vicious circle where washing your hair every day causes the scalp to generate even more fat.

How to do it?

If you usually wash your hair every day, try washing yourself one day, yes and no, for a week or two to get used to it. Little by little he tries to do it every three days or four. Keep in mind that it may take a while until your hair adapts to a less frequent wash, but in the end you will get it much healthier and brighter.

For me the time to wash my hair is a ritual. I do it after massage with oils. I apply the shampoo (natural) on the scalp and hair before getting wet in the shower to remove the oil. Then I wet it and wash it well, and I rinse it with water and apple vinegar mixed in equal parts, let it act a few seconds and finish with plenty of warm water.

Note on shampoo: Of course I use a natural shampoo. It is very important since the use of chemical and toxic shampoos can cause imbalances. Our scalp absorbs all these chemicals, increasing the toxic load of our body.

Avoid heat in the head.

The very hot water will leave your hair dehydrated and brittle. Personally I like to shower with hot water and in winter I wash my hair separately, with warmer water.
Outside the shower, minimize the use of hair dryers and irons, simply air dry.
The direct sun for a long time is not good either. If you sunbathe cover your head with a handkerchief or a hat.

Water quality

Water also influences. Hard water, which contains calcium and magnesium can leave the hair with that straw texture. Even if you use the best shampoos and other natural treatments. The solution can be a filter for your shower. You will notice the changes right away.


Brush your hair head down gently in all directions once a day, (preferably at night) I use a wooden comb, but there are brushes made with natural bristles that also go very well. If you feel like it, add a few drops of essential oil to your brush.

Brushing will cleanse your hair and at the same time bring the oils from the scalp to the driest tips, balancing and stimulating the scalp for healthy growth.


Cutting the hair according to the phases of the moon has served many cultures in history, and is a method that is still widely followed throughout the world. According to this method, cutting the hair during the growing phase until the full moon is a good time to stimulate new growth, while cutting the hair during the waning period is ideal to help a cut maintain shape and grow slowly.


And you wonder how yoga can help you have a more beautiful hair ?. For simply practicing inverted postures that favor the circulation of blood to the scalp!

Keep in mind that changes in your hair may take a few months to be noticed, have patience and perseverance, do everything with love, it will be worth it!


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