Yoga in pijama. Part 2

Yoga in pijama. Part 2

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Considering the importance of a good night’s sleep, I want to share with you a new presentation of Yoga in Pijama.

I have designed a restorative yoga sequence so you can work it in your bed or on the floor. In just 10 minutes you would be able to balance your body and calm your mind before sleep.

Make sure that you have everything ready before starting. Put on your pijama, brush your teeth, and turn on your essential oils difusser. You will need some pillows.

supta vadakonasana

Lie comfortably placing your feet together. Let your legs fall relaxed on the sides (if you feel tension you can rest them on the pillows). Close your eyes.

Place one hand on your abdomen, so you can feel it movement trough breathing, and the other one on your heart, you would feel your heartbeats.

Stay in that pose for almost a minute. Just breathe and let your body and mind get in touch with calm.

jathara parivartanasana. torsión sencilla

Bend your knees to the chest and let your legs fall to the right. Place your right hand on the right knee and strech the left arm. Turn your head to the left. Enjoy 5 breaths and after that, return to the initial pose. Make the same steps now to the other side.

janu sirsasana

Sit with your legs streched and join them forwards, take a few breaths. Flex the right knee placing the foot sole on the inner side of the left thigh. Inspire deeply and flex your body to the front gently (use a pillow if you need it). Close your eyes and breath, lengthen the exhalation little by little. You can keep the pose one more minute.

After this time work with the other side of your body.

upavistha konasana

Sit with your legs stretched forwards and from here separate them a lot. Adjust your pose raising the butt a bit with your hands. Put your thighs to the outside as well. Prepare one or two pillows in front.

Take a deep inhalation and start flexing your body forwards from your hips. Acomodate on the supports. Increase the flexion forwards with each exhalation until you find a comfortable pose and keep it for a minute or more.

Enjoy the pose. Release the tension acumulated during the day.



Place the feet soles on the floor, place them hips-width apart and move the legs gently from side to side. Repeat the movement 6 or 8 times slowly.

eka pada rajakapotasana (variante en suelo)

Lie on your back with the soles of your feet in the floor, place your feet hips-width apart. Now put your right ankle above the left leg, lace the fingers together behind the left thigh and raise the left foot from the floor.

Close your eyes and relax the space between them. Keep your shoulders and your jaw released while you enjoy this wonderful pose for a minute or more. After this time make the same but now to the other side.

estírate y respira

Liyng on your back, spread your arms and legs. Take a few breaths deeply inspiring through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

Enjoy your rest.


Photos: Paco Maestro.