Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning

In spring the earth comes into action. Everything starts to bloom and shine. Little by little, slowly, nature wakes up to offer us its best version.

Spring is time to renew, to rejuvenate, to revitalize and also to cleanse.
Cleaning can take place in almost every aspect of life: physical cleaning of the body, energy cleaning and closet, elimination of negative influences or people … the list can really go as deep as necessary.

A good way to flow with the arrival of this beautiful station is to clear and clean in many aspects for the greatness of everything that is about to emerge. It’s time to get out of hibernation and stretch towards the sunlight!
In the ancient practices of Feng Shui and

Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is very important to stay connected with nature and flow with the seasons.

Some forms of cleaning …

Clean your body from the inside

Enjoy fresh and nutrient-rich food.
Choose seasonal products and prepare them in a simple and healthy way. The natural rejuvenating phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables neutralize toxins and restore energy and balance to tissues. Include smoothies with detox vegetables.
Avoid processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and dairy and animal products. Eat slowly and consciously, paying attention to the nutrients your food brings and giving thanks for them. Do not forget to drink warm water with lemon on an empty stomach.


Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest


Yoga and Pranayama (Respiratory exercises)

The natural flow of signals that our body receives due to the temperature changes of this period requires greater flexibility in the body and promotes a natural detoxification, since the body detects the change of the seasons at a cellular level.
The practice of yoga in the spring focuses on creating space, opening and detoxifying. I love torsions because they massage the internal organs and clean in depth.
Respiratory work is essential at any time of the year, perhaps in spring it is especially important because of allergies. Personally it has helped me a lot.
Practicing pranayama will bring you calm, attention and space. Anuloma-viloma, bhastrika and kapalabhati are especially recommended at this time.

At home

In spring, focus on what you need to clean to feel more active.
Clearing all kinds of spaces provides peace and calm and moves away the clutter that may be holding you back.

Start to get rid of material things that you do not really need. Ask yourself that question, do I need it ?, and if the answer is no, then give it away.
Questioning our belongings will make us more conscious consumers,  would reduce our clutter and save us  money in the process.


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Make the change of wardrobe, remove all the sweaters and coats and hang thinner clothes with brighter colours.

Remove all the dust accumulated under things, as it creates stagnation. Stagnation is the opposite of flow and circulation. Flow and circulation bring health and prosperity.

Thoroughly clean things (the sofa, the bed … even the oven and the refrigerator) will open any stagnant energy and make it flow. This action will also help you open trapped areas of your own life.
Clean the windows, blinds and curtains as well, it will give you a new perspective on life according to Feng Shui.

Take advantage of these days to do a great general cleaning. The kitchen with refrigerator included, the inside of cupboards , and paint if necessary.

Energy cleaning

At home, in your work space or physically in your own body, you can clean even deeper with the help of natural elements such as salt, minerals, smoke, etc.
Salt is a versatile cleaning agent, both for physical, energetic and spiritual cleaning. Mineral salt baths are used to detoxify the body. Salt crystals can be placed at home to eliminate bad energy.
The crystals can channel, redirect and clean the energies of an person or a place.


Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest


Smoke, on the other hand, is a powerful cleaning element and has been used for centuries to clean energies and spaces.
You can use incense, which deeply purifies the space while it burns. White salvia, rosemary or palo santo. Shamans have traditionally used it to eliminate negative energy and increase love and prosperity. It burns quite slowly, and its woody aroma is rich and attractive, I love it.

And in your skin

Also prepare your skin to shine in the spring. On the face, use a gentle and fine exfoliant once a week. And for your body use a slightly thicker one to eliminate dead cells and activate circulation.

Remove weight from your life on the screen

The Internet space is another environment in which we live, so it also deserves a spring cleaning. Most people spend a lot of time on social networks, photo storage, work files, email accounts and much more. Refresh your online profile. Add some new images, color and personality. Review the digital photo file and organize it in an easy way to use . The same for your emails and phone contacts, and if you have to delete contacts that you no longer use, then delete them.

The beginning of spring offers the promise of new beginnings. It pushes us to reflect and to ask ourselves how we can live happier, freer and lighter. It is a perfect time to free yourself from things that weigh, that hold you back.

It is really possible to achieve a more satisfying life without the need to get more, I think the key is to need less.

For me, spring cleaning does not happen only in the spring, it’s a continuous trip. Less is more.

Focus on the important things and turn them into habits, little by little. Once they had become part of your routine, you will enjoy a simpler life and will create space for what is truly essential to your happiness.


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