My love letter for 2016

My love letter for 2016

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Thank you 2016

For making me more conscious, for opening my eyes to beauty, for making me more sensitive and grateful.

Thank you for giving me time to enjoy my beautiful family in a priviledged environement.

I have been fortunate to getting to know fantastic people. People that I am really learning from, that I like to be and share with.

This year my heart has beaten very strongly, with infinite hugs,with precios momments full of light.

Thank you for making me feel LOVE WITH CAPITAL LETTERS.

hank you 2016 for letting me have more space for me… a little more.

Thank you for making me laugh and for making me cry.

I also thank you for helping me to be more patient, and for teaching me to accept.

For making me feel strong and full of life

This year I have traveled to unknown and exiting places… Thank you for being for me a really magical year.

Thank you for surprising me!

Thank you for your beautiful suns, for your shiny moons, for your clouds, for your rain, for your heat and your coldness, for your light and your shadows.

Thank for your beautiful poppies in spring.

I bid you and emotional farwell.

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