Less is more
Foto: Chus Codesal

Less is more

The idea of simplicity atracks me more and more.

“Look for the simplicity in all the aspects of the life”,  it is a sentence that in this moment I really have in mind.

It all started when my family and I moved into a smaller house. Used to having a lot of space and things to fill it with, the change was brutal.
Suddenly I had to decide what was really important, and dissmiss the rest. I promise you that at the beggining it wasn´t easy.

The Reality

We live in a super consumer society. We buy just for buy, without any control. This tendency at the end brings dissatisfaction, anxiety and depression as the person would never be happy with what he has, he will always wants more and if he cant buy it he would get depressed.

If you decide to live in a simpler way you wont have that problem.

The First Step

Look around you, in your closets and wardrove, your house in general. I´m sure that there are many things you don´t use, clothes that you don´t wear anymore and objects that you keep without knowing why.

Just In Case

The ( just in case ) only wotrh to accumulate things that really lost their value with the pass of time.

You can ask yourself if you really need it, and if the answer is no, get rid of it!.

Some things are useful in certain moments, later you can get rid of them. You could donate them or sell them.


You could drive the idea of simplicity to more aspects in your life, as for example, buy what you really need, being clothes, food and other things.

One idea that can be useful to you is to apply the rule “ It comes a new thing, and it leaves another one”, by this way every time that you buy something you will have to get rid of another thing.


Foto: Chus Codesal


The truth is that live with less give me more clarity and order. It helps me to focus in what´s really important. Sincerely is a freedom.

Now in my closet I have few garment, simple and easy to combine and I don´t even have to iron.
My house is small so I clean it in a Little time, and it is usually tidy.

For the children is good to learn to get rid of things that they don´t use anymore. Sometimes I sit down with my children and we decide which toys they want to keep and which not. We do it with good energy knowing that these toys will be for children that are going to use them.

I apply this philosophy in the kitchen, I buy the necessary and I cook simple and tasteful.

The decission to live with less will help you to focus on the essential.
You will have more time and maibe more money to invert in something that really worth.

Did you know that 87% of people who say they have less things, claim to be happier than when they had more ?, I think it’s great!


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