Start the year with good foot

Start the year with good foot

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Christmas holidays are beautiful days to spend time with family and friends, to celebrate and rest, we should be happy … but actually it is not always so for many people.

Holidays can also create stress. As we get out of our daily routine and have to adapt to family dynamics that are not always easy. The trips, the excess of food, the pressure to find the perfect gift …

And in the end instead of starting the year rested and light, we do it with stress, tension, pain, digestive problems, overwhelm … Ufff.

The good news is that stress is just a reaction, and we all have the power to choose how to react to any situation.

Having the necessary tools to control it can make it much easier to take advantage of holiday days with joy.

Maybe you want to read some tricks to stay calm and well-being during the holidays and start the new year on the right foot.


You accept

When you’re away from home, you can not pretend that everything is the same as at yours. Accept that there will be changes in your timetable, that the food will not be the same, that the rhythm will change.

Being in a state of resentment, anger or frustration can put you in tension and in a bad mood. Instead, choose to forgive and accept your family and the dynamics that arise and you will feel instantly lighter and calmer, which will make the holidays much more enjoyable.



I have spoken to you many times about the power of breathing. It can become an essential tool for stress management.

With something as simple as conscious breathing you can change everything. You can also practice anywhere.

Inhale through your nose mentally counting five seconds, feel the air expanding through your rib cage and lungs. Then, exhale for five seconds through the mouth emitting the sound AAHHH …. Relaxing the jaw and shoulders. Repeat several times.

Remember that breathing expansively increases metabolism and also the flow of oxygen.



For me it is probably the most important thing.

When I speak about movement I speak about Yoga, walking or any form of flow that come to you.

A simple Yoga practice next to your bed before the start of the day will help you to align and focus.

Or maybe at night, it’s a good way to release tensions accumulated during the day and a great help to sleep better.

Whether you spend your vacation in the city or in a rural environment, go out for a walk. Enjoy an outdoor walk, stop to observe the small details without judging and simply enjoy.


Foto: Chus Codesal
Foto: Chus Codesal


Foto: Chus Codesal
Foto: Chus Codesal



Even if you have no experience meditating is a good anti-stress option.

Mental disconnection can affect your way of thinking, and we know from a multitude of scientific studies that meditation helps to reduce stress and release tension.

>It’s not complicated, just close your eyes, connect with your breathing and that’s it. Try to keep your attention on your breath, and if your mind is distracted … nothing happens, let that thought flow and reconnect with your breathing, it’s that simple.


Practice Gratitude

This is a healthy habit that will completely transform the energy that surrounds you.

When you get up, stand on the edge of your bed and think of only three things that you feel grateful for.

When you are cooking, when you sit down at the table with your family and friends.

Focus on the good, and everything will be fine.


Less is More

Less is more, a phrase to reflect on these days of shopping and excesses.

Stop for a moment to think if your child really needs five gifts at Christmas … Or if you need to eat so much, for example.

Less gifts means less stress and less spending. It is true that when you have a lot, you do not give things enough value.



Nothing will take you away from the present moment more than being constantly watching your mobile or surfing social networks.In these days of vacations decide to give you a digital detoxification.

Take time to spend with your family, but trully.

Enjoy a few days with relaxed and positive attitude. Stop listening to others and smile.

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