12 Natural ways to take care of your lungs

12 Natural ways to take care of your lungs

If we take a look at old traditions, traditional Chinese medicine directly connects autumn with lungs and the large intestine. It also maintains that skin health and it´s immunity greatly depend on your lungs.

Lung tissue is very delicate and has a tendency to irritation. Especially when the weather cools down. They are the most vulnerable organ, because they are a surface and are directly connected with the exterior. Your lungs are the connection between the air you breathe and the oxygen in your blood. They extract what you need from the atmosphere through your breathing.

Resting lungs, and during most of your daily activities, only work at fifty percent of their capacity. Just like the rest of your body, lungs are exercised with movement and physical activity.

Normally regular daily activity doesn’t help us to use our lungs to their highest potential, for this you must work them consciously to combat the accumulation of toxins and tar in the lungs, caused by the environmental contaminants, things that provoke allergies, dust and smoke…and so you must help your lungs to purify.

There is always a period of adaptation at the beginning of each new period. On a physical level the autumn asks of us to work directly with the ribcage, chest and lungs. It`s time to care for them and prepare them for the Winter.

The Lungs and the Emotions

The emotions associated with the lungs are sadness, pain and nostalgia. Sometimes, when we are sad, our breathing becomes superficial and for this, the lungs can`t obtain the necessary air. They are also associated physically to the closing in the front of the ribcage.This creates a sense of closure that some people can feel when they are sad.

Make Space, Observe your Posture

Considering that the lungs are malleable structures, they only occupy the space that you make for them.
In my opinion the first and the most important step is to learn to align yourself correctly.
Put your attention on your ribcage, let it open, so that it can expand circumferentially. This effect generates space from the inside, this this is essential.
Be aware of the importance of your posture when walking, sitting, running, or simply standing.

Physical Activity

Another important point when it comes to maintaining your lung health is attention to movement.

Keep a regular physical activity adapted to your needs, which can be more or less intense. It combines work inside and outside.

Yoga, dance, walking, running, swimming, a bike ride, choose what you like most.

Move while you breathe deeply and consciously, this will help you release blocked energy and at the same time re-oxygenate your body and mind.

Foto: Amy Scott-Samuel
Foto: Amy Scott-Samuel



Have you ever stopped to think about the quality of the air you breathe ?,and what you are breathing?

The truth is that I am fortunate to live in an environment where the air is clean. Other people do not have that luck.
It is important to address the quality of the air you breathe not only in your outdoor environment, but also within your home and workplace.
Take time to improve the quality of the air you breathe, it is very important.


The corridors of your nasal cavity help to warm, humidify and purify the incoming air. When breathing through the nose, the air that reaches the lungs will have less irritants (such as bacteria, debris) and will be warm and moist.

There are many respiratory techniques and all can help your lung health.
If already a simple deep breathing can change your mood, imagine what certain breathing exercises can do for you (in Yoga we call them Pranayama).

Diaphragmatic breathing uses the awareness of the diaphragm muscle, which separates the organs in the abdomen from the lungs. It is fantastic to increase lung capacity.

Naddy Sodhana is a beautiful respiratory practice very beneficial for the integrity of your body’s health, promotes a better mental focus and balance and also helps you achieve a better quality in sleep.

Kapalabhati cleans the respiratory system in depth.

Working for your lungs is to work for your integral health. An extra supply of oxygen is essential at this time of year.

At Home

Make sure you prepare your “nest” well for cold days. Now you will spend more time at home. Take advantage of the fall to make a general cleaning without chemicals, today there are thousands of organic products for cleaning your home, you can buy them or even make them yourself, do not hesitate to change now !
Take advantage of your free time to wash blankets and curtains, organize cupboards etc. Make the effort to prepare everything,, clean and free of dust mites before the arrival of winter.

Reduces Chlorine Exposure

Exposure to chlorine not only comes from the drinking water we drink, we can also absorb it and inhale it. Did you know that a five-minute shower exposes you to more chlorine than one day drinking tap water? Taking this fact into account it would be a good idea to invest in a good shower filter and of course reduce shower time.

Foto: Amy Scott-Samuel
Foto: Amy Scott-Samuel


Adequate Food

If you take a look at the nature of the foods that support the lungs, you discover that they are a mixture of sweet and spicy. While the sweet nourishes you, the lungs need spicy foods to ensure that the blood circulates, and therefore the energy does not stagnate.
It is important to remember that the lungs absorb the new (fresh air), while the large intestine is responsible for eliminating and releasing the waste. This is achieved by drinking lots of water and adding foods rich in healthy fats that help lubricate.
Follow a clean diet and avoid foods that can generate mucus, such as sugar, processed foods, dairy products, wheat, soy or chemicals in food.
Avoid cold foods and drinks. Lung tissue is especially sensitive and cold foods and drinks constrict the delicate lung tissue. Consume cooked food and hot drinks, they will sit very well.


You can also strengthen yourself internally with natural supplements. They are excellent supplements for lung support. I present these three: Chaga, Reishi and Cordyceps. Chaga is well known for its support of the skin and the functioning of the lungs. Reishi supports breathing, the cardiovascular system and endurance. Cordyceps is a pulmonary tonic and also a great energy support.

Riso-Pulmonary Therapy

Laughing is a great exercise to work the abdominal muscles and increase lung capacity.
It also cleans and allows fresh air to enter more areas of the lung.

On Your Skin

The air you breathe has a huge effect on your health and that of your skin. In Eastern traditions, it is believed that the lungs have a direct connection to the skin and are taken into consideration in the treatment of all skin problems.


The more moisture there is in the air, the more moisture in the lungs and skin. It is very easy to maintain that healthy moisture through aromatherapy diffusers.
I use them daily, at home and in the Yoga Studio.
Apart from keeping the air moist, they create an environment of well-being. Also use essential oils depending on your needs.
At work you can use mint or the Clarity mix.

If you need support for your breathing, try Eucalyptus Radiata, Cypress, Mint or the Young Living RC mix.
A more humid environment will also help you with allergic and dermatological symptoms.
Essential oils such as Thyme, Tea Tree, or YL Thieves  and Purification blends the germ environment.

Making small changes in your everyday lifestyle can bring you great rewards at all levels.
Living a conscious life will help you create a more beautiful world for you and for all those around you.


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