Say hello to the sun

Say hello to the sun

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How beautiful iit is to welcome the day in a progressive and conscious fashion.

I love morning practices, because after a good night`s sleep my body is relaxed and my mind is clear…ideal conditions for an intense and vigorous yoga class.

Try to go to bed early, and to sleep 7 or 8 hours, a good rest is vital to feel strong the next day.

The first thing I do when I step out of bed is to be grateful, whilst still sitting on the bed, I take a few breaths and I smile…

Breakfast yes or no???

Many students ask me if it is good to eat before a yoga class.

Normaly at least two hours should pass before startin the practice, that involves getting up early…If you dont have much time you could just drink some lemon juice with warm wáter, it will be give you vitamin C and alcaloids for your blood. If you need some extra energy you can eat a handfull of nuts or dried fruit.

Have a good breakfast after your class, it feels great!!.

Feel Viltal

Progression is specialy noticeable in the morning, because your muscles are relaxed.

We start with a short meditation sesión plus an active Pranayama. We continue with an Asanas sequence designed with a clear goal.

Dynamic that will help you start the day with more energy and openess.

And Savasana of course to incorpórate and asimilate the practice´s benefits.

The perfct alignment!

For me Bowspring is the best part of the morning practice, becouse this alignment system actívates the whole body and creates a sense of unity and cooperation between all the different parts.

It’s fantastic to adjust yourself in this way every morning.

Pranayama practice is also special thanks to the action of what we call Radiant Heart you´ll breathe better and you will increase your lungs capacity.

The feeling at the end of the class is fantastic!!!. It’s as if you had new batteries. With your feet firmly on the ground, with ease of movement more agile and with your posture properly aligned.

You will feel that your body is lighter and with a noticeable increase in vitality and resilience.

Morning practices help you feel active, tonifying your muscles and joints, and at the same time start the day with a clear and focused mind.

Every morning you have a new chance to feel better.

Photo: Tomás Cerón

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