Love for yourself

Love for yourself

We live immersed in the daily routine. Perhaps today the most valuable thing we can have apart from health, is time. We live with all that time busy in things that “must be done”.

Sometimes at the end of the day I asked myself, What have I done today for  me …? And the answer used to be “nothing”. If that is repeated day after day, it can generate fatigue, lack of motivation, bad mood and depression.

At this moment of my life, I am very aware of the importance of dedicating time for myself. I understand that it is not always easy considering everything I have to do every day. I find it wonderful to spend time with my family and friends, I love my job, but I also find wonderful and I love spending time with myself. It is something that I have very clear.

Decide to give you moments, experiences, sensations …

Dedicate a few words of Love

You are a beautiful being. Remember it every day with a friendly and loving internal and external dialogue.

Connect with your Body

A quick and effective way to connect with your body is through breathing. This offers you a deep awareness and full attention about what you need to nourish you right then and there.

Practicing a simple deep breath for only five minutes helps you oxygenate your body and your brain, clears the mind and fills you with life. Try to do it with your eyes closed while smiling.

Another nice way to connect with your body is through the skin.

Take a foam bath with essential oils, or enjoy a self-massage, I love it.


For me something essential in my daily life if I want to feel good.

Stretching your body through the postures of Yoga is a good way to pamper yourself. When your body lengthens and released you feel light and at the same time rooted. It helps you maintain your metabolism and your healthy hormones, it regulates body temperature and pacifies emotional imbalance. Yoga makes me connect with myself in a very beautiful way. Dance is also a tool that I use a lot. It allows me to be creative, to improvise at any moment, to modify any action and to flow with the movement and with my emotions.

There are many options in motion apart from yoga and dance, you can walk, practice some sport, run, swim, gym … do what you like most, the movement is life!

Disconnect, but for real

Disconnecting is absolutely essential for your happiness and well-being. Take a time away from technology as often as possible.

This unplugged time may be one of the best ways to restore your nervous system.

Disconnect to reconnect !!

Sleep a lot

Sleep is the key to restore harmony. It is the best time for your body and your mind to renew. It is worth establishing a pre-sleep routine, to favor as much as possible a restful night between 7 and 9 hours each night. This should be at the top of your list of daily priorities.


Choose with care and  love the ingredients that make up your daily diet. Buy fresh and seasonal foods of the best quality possible. Cook nutritious and delicious dishes, as they will help you keep your metabolism in top form.

Drink a lot of water

Water represents more than two thirds of a person’s body weight. Every cell, tissue and organ in the body needs water to function efficiently. Without enough water, health suffers. There are a series of functions that water performs for the body: it regulates body temperature, transports nutrients and electrical signals to cells, lubricates joints and eliminates toxins and waste. In fact a simple 5% drop in body water levels can cause an energy loss of 30%.

Maintaining hydration is essential for our survival, however, many people do not drink enough water, and unknowingly spend their days in a constant state of dehydration.

Give yourself a whim

Give yourself something without having  an apparent reason. It does not necessarily have to be expensive, I mean small things, like sitting in an ice cream shop and eating an ice cream without looking at the clock … for example. Feel free, listen to your intuition and enjoy every moment without feeling guilty about anything. 

The daily practice of tuning in and intimacy with ourselves and creating limits with those around us creates a happier life and at the same time helps us to flow more easily. When we pamper ourselves, feed and care deeply, we have much more to offer.


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