Breathe to be happier. Ujjayi

Breathe to be happier. Ujjayi

The Ujjayi breathing, or as it is also known, “The breath of the ocean” is really simple to learn and very effective.

When done correctly, Ujjayi breathing should be long and smooth. The characteristic sound of Ujjayi is created by gently shaking the opening of the throat to create some resistance to the passage of air. Inhale through the nose concentrating on creating a relaxing and pleasant sound that is not hasty or forced, and when you exhale, close the glottis a bit and you can create a well modulated and relaxing sound, something like the sound of the waves of the sea.

It is important to remember that the key to breathing well in Ujjayi is relaxation. Ujjayi’s action naturally lengthens the breath. A small effort is required to produce a pleasant sound, but too much effort creates a quality of grip and a sound that is not suitable.
At first try to work Ujjayi in a sitting and relaxed position. Once Ujjayi’s breathing is mastered in a sitting position, the challenge is to maintain the same breathing quality in other postures or situations, even in movement.

Ujjayi brings you to the present moment, helps you focus attention, gives you inner strength and at the same time calms.


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