It´s time to go out

It´s time to go out

There is something magical about being outside, surrounded by trees, water, rocks, wildlife, land, flowers, small animals, fresh air.

I just need it. I need my time in nature, it helps me to connect with myself and with everything, it gives me perspective, I feel good, I think it just makes me happier.
The days that I can not go out into the field, I take my time in the garden. I sit under the trees to meditate, or to breathe consciously.

Nature is wonderful, it has the ability to calm, focus and clear the mind.

Studies are demonstrating what many people and cultures have intuitively known for centuries and it is that humans need and benefit tremendously from the connection with the outdoors. People with closer connection to the natural world have lower stress levels and a greater sense of happiness, vitality, life satisfaction, self-confidence and self-discipline.
It is also known that spending time in nature can have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.
In addition, the sun is largely responsible for our ability to synthesize vitamin D. Low levels of vitamin D can have a negative effect on mood.

Spending time in nature can be therapeutic for people with depression, anxiety, cognitive decline and headaches. It also reduces negative thinking. It does not  have to be a long exposure, even 20 minutes per day can have this effect.

However, it is not always easy. The modern lifestyle takes us away from the natural world. Today millions of people live in large cities instead of rural areas, and spend most of their lives indoors, including children.
And if they manage to go outside, normally many times the environment lacks natural elements, before this outlook… what can we do?


Photo: Amy Scott-Samuel
Photo: Amy Scott-Samuel


Small doses of nature

Look for natural elements near you. It can be in a small park near home or work.
Look for trees, bushes, grass, flowers … Take a few minutes per day to connect with them.
If that space is close to your work and you have time for breakfast or lunch, take a few minutes there and enjoy it. You could also make that stop before or after your workday.
Stand up, listen to the songs of the birds, observe the patterns on the leaves, feel, breathe …

Inside plants

Interestingly, indoor plants or simply overlooking the trees or the lawn outdoors can be beneficial, improving attention, satisfaction and efficiency in the workplace.
If you do not have access to the windows (or if there is simply no nature that can be seen through them), indoor plants can have a powerful positive effect.
Office workers who have plants in their work area report fewer days of illness and lower stress levels than their colleagues without plants in their offices. Indoor plants also improve air quality by eliminating toxins and carbon dioxide and also produce oxygen.

Whatever and wherever, outdoor time will provide you countless benefits. And if you also combine outdoor time with family time, physical activity or meditation, the benefits will be even greater.

It’s time to leave, don’t you think?

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