Are you still growing?

Are you still growing?

It is very common to begin the new year with a new purpose, with new goal, establishing new a intention.

Before starting with new goals, you should let go of the old ones, at least to be sure of what you don’t want. It’s a good momento to let go of unnecesary weight, to stop doing things that don’t work, things that are useless and don’t allow you to continue advancing.

I think it’s a good idea to write a list, but with few things that are, above all, feaseable. Sometimes we créate a great list with all our plans, some of them honestly imposible, and in February we have forgotten all about them. We put lots of energy in the process and little  in the execution, Here come the excuses…

The first step, as small or insignificant as it may be, is always half a battle won. Once you have taken this firs step, it will take you to the next.

 Being sure about some of our goals we will feel more secure to start the year properly, with more energy and optimism.

Let your intuition be your guide, it will never let you down.

Last year one of my goals was regularity in my personal practice, also to continue studying, to continue growing.

Some time ago I had trouble leaving my confort zone, but it’s true that if you want to continue growing you have to take a step towards the unknown.

I think it’s interesting to star the year with this point of view.


You can continue growing in many ways:

Restarting a hobby, making new friends, trying new types of food, starting a new book, a new language…

Be brave and try art, and yoga of course!!. All these things are easy and feasible.


It’s worth it to organize yourself and to find a little bit of time to dedícate to things that make you feel good.

Having your own space to breathe and relax when you need it is also important.

If you feel good, you will be more confortable with everybody else



For me the contact with the matt is essential, helps me to connect with myself, it allows me to listen to myself, be creative and to continue growing on all levels.

Is a perfect opportunity to find out things about myself, things that I want, How I feel, and which are my intentions…

Yoga is a type of medicine that allows you to créate changes on a mental, emotional and physical level. It can help you find the best way to solve problems, creating a new fresh point of view.

Try new things, that make you abandon your confort zone, for sure it will be a beautiful experience.

Watching yourself grow will help you to maintain your motivation, passion, the will and enthusiasm towards life.

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