Make small stops

Make small stops

It is true that modern live is very demanding. Everithing is planned, working time tables, school, after school activities, food… We spend the day whithout stopping and running most of the time.

We walk in that spiral of, I don’t have time… I have to…

I write this article after a five day getaway by the Atlantic Ocean’s waters, this year it’s specially nice. Five days may not be much for some people, but for me they have been a blessing, because I was able to disconnect from my daily routine.

I have simply limited myself to doing simple things, but honestly with all my senses.

I have traveled relaxed and without expectations, open to every option.

I have gone for walks feeling the sand under my feet, the fresh wáter, the gentle wind in my hair.

I have sat down, observing without judging and being thankfull for everything around me.

I have breathe deeple feeling the sea’s smell.

I have enjoyed the presence of my family and friends.

I have lived here and now.

After this experience I’m proposing a simple practice for your day to day.

Try to take small conscious breaks along the day to connect, disconnect and feel.

Enjoy a few minutes of silence, stops that will help you unload tensions.

Pay attention to the momento in  an active way, look for times to observe without judging, to breathe, to meditate, to connect with your inner self or simply just to feel.

Only a minute

This is a very simple practice: sit down, close your eyes and breathe… When your body is loose try to focus on your breathing…thoughts are sure to appeare… but you just breathe… let them flow without concentrating on any particular one… Maintain your focus on your breathing for a minute.

After that minute slowly go back to your routine…



Sit down, close your eyes, cup your hands and gently rest them over your eyes, loosen your elbows so that your shoulders are relaxed, keep it going for a few minutes while you breathe in a concious way. This simple practice will help you relax your ocular tensión… you can also massage the face, gently open your mouth, relax your jaw… continue towards your neck and shoulders.

Another practice I love takes place in the shower. Simply feel the warmth of the wáter, the foam running down your body…breathe…observe how your muscles relax and actívate deppending on the water’s temperatura… enjoy the feeling of freedom of being naked…I asure you it’s a true pleasure.


Make yourself a tea, or whatever you fancy, taste it, palate it, smell it, enjoy it…


If you spend a lot of time sitting down, get up, move, you can do a few minutes of gentle yoga, something simple. You can even dance, feel free.

You can also go for a concious walk, even if it is short, paying attention to every step and to your breath.


Pranayama is also a simple and effecive practice for those Little moments. Try Ujjay, it will help you focus, or Naddi Sodhana, to balance both your brain’s hemispheres.

All these proposals are feasible, it doesn’t matter how long they last, or where they take place, the important thing is that they raise your conciousness, and that is fantastic.

Happy practice!


Foto: Gabrielle Strijewski

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