Natural winter remedies

Natural winter remedies

I have always chosen the most natural option.

During these colder months we are more likely to catch breathing infectious illnesses.

Prevention is the best medicine

It is always a good idea to boost your immune system.
Take special care of your eating habits in Winter, using ingredients that keep you strong.

Eat seasonal fruit and vegetables. This Winter include in your diet fermented, thyme, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and.

Garlic of course!

Without a doubt it is absolutly necessary in a healhy diet. In Winter stew it becomes your best ally against all the illnesses of this season.
Garlic is a very effective element in the prevention of all tipes of heart desease. On the other hand garlick helps with digestión. It helps eliminating waste in our organism.

It is an excelent diuretic, it hepls eliminating liquids and toxins.
It is a powerful antibiotic, very effective eliminating microbes and bacteria that cause breathing and digestive illnesses. Not only that, it’s a selective antibiotic: as it is natural, it only eliminates unwanted bacteria without harming the good ones our organism.
Garlic is also a powerful fungicide and a strong antiviral.

Pirulina Seaweed

Due to the wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals that it posessies, I take it when I want to boost my immune system, or I need more vitality.


This microscopic seaweed is a superfood that is rich in easily absorved iron that contains more beta-carotene, vitamin B12 and gama linoleic acid than any other food. It also contains vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Spirulina is specialy effective in cases of anemia, demineraliztion and exhaustion.
Against the firs symptoms… essential oils


I always have THIEVES, from Young Living, a mix of cinnamon, lemon, clove, Rosemary and eucaliptus which Works as a great natural antibiotic. It helps fighting against bacteria, fungus and viruses, it helps your inmune system, it´s a fungicide, a stimulant, and helps your body’s defenses.

I put a couple of drops on my children`s feet, when the first simptoms start to appear, and that’s it!.Adults can ingest it directly. I also use THIEVES in my Yoga Studio to clean the yoga mats and the floor.


It is one of the strogest essential oils I know. It contains antioxidants that support your breathing system.Oregano essential oil can be used for arthritis, infectious breathing deseases, tuberculosis, intestine infections, genitals, nerves, blood and lymphatic vessels, digestive problems, supporting your immune system and decreasing muscular pain and inflamation pain.

It is very powerful against bacteria, micro bacteria, fungus, virus and parasites.

Test and find the natural remedy that suits you best.

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