This new year, less is more

This new year, less is more

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Many people use the new year to propose themeselves new challenges and add something else to their agenda.

Things like “next year I’m joining english and yoga lessons, I’m going to spend more time with my children, I’m going to make a trip” … But in order to do more things, you’ll have to give up something too, do not you think?

Sometimes we fill the backpack and we do not realize that its weight does not allow us to move forward.

I have been repeating the mantra “less is more” and I like it, it works for me.

Simplifying liberates me, relieves me, makes me lighter and at the same time more powerful.

This year, inspired by Valentina, and her article “This year I give up a couple of things” from her minimalist blog Vale de Oro, I decided to empty my backpack a bit, and give up things that really take time and energy.

I give up to say yes, when in fact I want to say no.
I renounce to put sound to my mobile.
I give up feeling intimidated by having to call on the phone.
I renounce to a lot of the clothes I have in my closet.
I give up hiding my feelings.
I give up cooking twice a day.
I renounce being the perfect mother, the perfect wife, to have the house perfectly clean and orderly, to any kind of perfection, I do not like it.
I renounce my fear of driving.
I renounce having to stop to think, when I really want to be spontaneous.
I give up feeling guilty about something that has really come from my heart.

The truth is that I really like the idea of giving up things that I’m not comfortable with. And you? Do you fancy?

Thank you Valentina.

Photo: Tomás Cerón