Super chlorella
Photo: Theo Reyman

Super chlorella

It is my last discovery when it comes to algae…
Chlorella is a sweet water algae from Japan and Taiwán. It obtains his emered green colour from his high concentration in clorophyl.
Chlorella is fantastic, is full of benefits.
It stands out because of his detoxify and antioxidant power.
It has many vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, folic acid, zinc, vitamins A, B2, B3, B6, B12, C , E and proteins.

Scientific studies has demostrated that Chlorella can be beneficial for:

Boosting your immune system, to detoxifing the organism ( even from radioactivity), preventing toxin damage, strenghthening muscles and joints, reducing memory loss, it slows down the agening process, stimulating repair and growth of body tissues. Apart from that it makes digestión easier, and a lot more.

Detoxify for heavy metals

Desafortunadly, many people can have accumulated heavy metals in their bodies, it could be because of eating fish full of mercury or for old metallic filling.
A cells research found  that Chlorella absorbs the heavy metals of the body, avoiding the toxic accumulation. Genial!!

Maternal milk´s quality

A study examines the effects that the supplementation with 6 grames of Chlorella per day has on the quality of maternal milk. It found that Chlorella increase the inmunoglobuline concentration ( a essential antibody in the immune system ) in the maternal milk. The investigation also reveal that women how takes Chlorella have lower levels of dioxines in their maternal milk. Dioxins have been related with development problems, as well as with the hormonal imbalance and with a weakened immune system.


Chlorella can be useful in the battle against the obesity and health problems related with it. A recent clinic study discover that the supplementation with Chlorella
brings a reduction in grease corporal levels, cholesterol and glucose levels in blood.

Fibromialgy symptoms reducción

Also for persons with fibromialgy ( a chronic disorder characteristic for a generalized muscleskeletal pain and fatigue ), this seaweed can help to relieve some of the symphtoms. You will find improvements in the sleep, as well as a reduction in the pain and the fatigue.

It seems that all are advantages!!
As well as having chlorella ( in capsules ) you can also drink it and put directly on the skin of course!!

How to take it?

In addition to taking Chlorella (in capsules) you can also drink it and put it directly on the skin, of course !!

A good way to take it is fasting with coconut water at room temperature. It is true that it has a strong taste and smell. I cost myself at first. If the same happens to you, start adding it in green smoothies, the taste is more camouflaged, or in vegetable creams, (without boiling) children do not notice.


Photo: Theo Reyman
Photo: Theo Reyman


Chlorella for the skin

The benefits of Chlorella for the skin are very numerous. Is rich in nucleic acid, vitamin A (antiaging) and chlorophyll. It has an hormone that stimulate the cells regeneration

Algae (generaly) are the perfect food for the skin, as they offer a balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that work colectibily to nourish it, protect it and calm it.

I propose you a mask that you can make it easily in your house:

Purifying Chlorella and honey mask

– 1 tlb of Chlorella poder
– 1 tlb of local honey
– 2 or 3 drops of Rose Hydrosol or pure water.
– 2 drops of essential oil of franquincense or lavender.

Mix the ingredients and apply it on your clean skin with a smooth massage. Let it be during 20 or 30 minuits and then clear out with warm water.
Usually I use it once a week, I love it!. It leaves my skin super clean, smooth and a very special shine.

Like with all the suplements, it is important to consult your doctor before including Chlorella in your daily rutine, specially if you are pregnant or during your lactation period.

Everyday I find more benefits in the consumption of seaweeds. I keep investigating about new uses and recipes. I´ve used them for more than ten years and I am happy!!.

Photo: Theo Reyman

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