Eat with heart

Eat with heart

If yoga has taught me anything it is to be conscious. Conscious at many levels, and

now in summer we go out and we eat away from home more often.

When we have a poor diet we notice it right away. The energy is different, maybe we are more tired, heavier, we can feel stomach pain, headache, moodiness …

A good way to begin taking care in this respect is gradually reducing the consumption of sugar, dairy products, meats, refined products …do not deny yoursef  anything, do it gradually and with respect.

Eat well in summer

On an energetic level summer is a dynamic and busy time, full of vitality.

Ideally take seasonal products, dishes with lots of colorful, refreshing flavors.

Cook with short frying times and increase the consumption of raw vegetables in gazpacho, salads, fruits …

Be creative, use nuts, fresh aromatic herbs, sprouts … whatever you like!

Do not forget carbo hydrates, try long grain rice in salads mmmm …!

remember also your daily protein intake. Some fish and vegetable protein, I love chickpeas for their versatility, try them in salads, hummus, etc.

Nutrition is like Yoga, changes are noticeable right away!

You will feel more vital, more energetic, you’ll notice it even in your appearance, you will see your skin brighter and you will have stronger hair.

Also the benefits of good nutrition reach your mind and your emotions.

With a healthy diet you can get enormous benefits, like with yoga!

The ritual begins when we are shopping

Going to the market can be a nice experience. I love to choose products, see them, smell them, discover where they come from …

To avoid throwing food away buy less and more often.

In the kitchen

If you cook, dont forget the most important ingredient, LOVE!

Treat the product with respect, take care of every detail in your plate, put your full attention into it and enjoy the process.

Sit properly

Sit well, take a seat and gently mark the lumbar curvature pulling your butt out. Put a stable base on your sittin bones. Lengthen the spine, up the sides, feel the space  in the plexus and also in the lungs, smooth shoulders … Take a nice breath … now is a good time to be gratefull …

Try to eat without TV,  phone, and tablet

Sit down to eat leisurely and enjoy, whether you’re alone (an opportunity to connect with yourself ), or accompanied. Savor every bite, breathe …

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