Love essential oils

Love essential oils

I have been lucky enough  to have been born in a priviledged environement in a natural park.I have grown surrounded by flowers and medicinal herbs, with great healing properties like Rosemary, lavender, thyme, marjoram, herbs that my family used to use all the time.

Today I would like to talk about my personal experience with Essential Oils.

I still remember when Christine Mc Ardle entered the room and open a small case full of small glass bottles. In a few minuits all of us had one of these bottles in our hands,soon after that the air was filled with lots of different fragrances that immediately hooked me up, it was magical… that is where everything started.


Esencial oils are a group of  natural chemical substances that come from plants, flowers, barks, resins .etc, whose benefits have been and still are being studied.

Essential Oils have been used for centuries, from ancient Egypt, to modern ayurvedic tradition, with therapeutic, cosmetic and ceremonial purposes. They have powerful effects both on the short and the long term. They are becoming more and more popular due to  the growing scientific evidence of their benefits.

Many of us are starting to use Essential Oils as secure and efficient to help Yoga and meditation practices, and maintain  emotional  balance.

I use Essential Oils on a daily basis. Here are some of my favorites.

LAVENDER is one of the basics, I use it for everything. I always have some in my bag. You can put it on open wounds, skin burns,as an after sun, as a beauty product, also use it before going to bed. It`s very relaxing.

I always have THIEVES, from Young Living, a mix of cinnamon, lemon, clove, Rosemary and eucaliptus which Works as a great natural antibiotic. It helps fighting against bacteria, fungus and viruses, it helps your inmune system, it´s a fungicide, a stimulant, and helps your body’s defenses.

I put a couple of drops on my children`s feet, when the first simptoms start to appear, and that’s it!.Adults can ingest it directly. I also use THIEVES in my Yoga Studio to clean the yoga mats and the floor.



I love MINT, it is refreshing,  it can be used in case of fever, headache, tiredness and drowzynes,. It’s also used to help your digestive and respiratory sistem, and muscles relaxation. Emotionally, mint helps us to open our heart.

In the Yoga Studio I always use Essential Oils in a diffuser. I like to mix them depending on the time of year, time of the day, the temperatura, the type of practice, etc I always have them available for students to use if they want.

I specially like FRANKINCENSE when I’m meditating. It stimulates and elevates your mind, it helps getting over stress and desperation. Very valuable for skin treatment both for cosmetic reasons and skin problems. It works against excesive deling, mental exaustion, depression, fears, lack of confidence, nightmares, panic.

JASMIN is delicious… a real delight for your senses.

This summer I’m also using CLARITY from Young Living a lot, one of my favorites, it clears and opens my mind. From the same brand we have STRESS AWAY, a mix of copaiba, lime, cedro, vanilla, ocotea and lavender, it induces you into relaxation, reduces nervous day to day tensions and reduces stress. It helps achieve a deep and smooth sleep and improves your nervous system.

If you are going to buy Essentials Oils remember that they have to be 100% pure, therapeutic, and with the botanic specialty.

Proper conservation is also very important, close the bottles properly when you have finished using them, never leave them open, and store them somewhere cool, and dark.

There are many different Essential Oils with a wide range of uses, that I will explain another day.

I must admit that Yoga practice and Essential Oils have changed my live.

I thank my teacher Christine for showing me this incredible path of health and well being.

I also want to thank Ana Domínguez, who like me is in love whit Essential Oils. She investigates daily, she makes her own mixes… I am learning a lot from her, and I will continue learning!!!


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