We could say that smiling and laughing are more the more natural beautifiers that exist.

At neurological level, the smile is a natural lifter of the mood, that liberate the powerfull neurotransmisors and endorphines that stimulates the happiness and strengthen the healht.

When we smile and laugh our facial muscles, specially the ones wich surround the eyes, it contract. This action cause the release of molecular messengers that guide us to a more calm and happier statement.

Is wonderfull to observe that the more you smile, the happier and relaxed you feel, also when you are not smiling, at a phisiological level the happiness holds on you.


Smile to feel better

However it can also happen the opposite; if you smile, even not being genuinely, your brain also receive this information from our facial muscles. It understands that you are smiling and therefore there is something that should be making you happy, so your emotional statement begin to change to optimism. You begin to feel happier little by little.


With your smile you can help someone who is not in a good moment

A research carry out with neuroimage techniques has demostrated that other one smile can activates our own circuit of reward. Because of that is so important for the people that are in a bad momento to be in company of people and that they smile them in a kind and sincerely way. And if they are able to use the sense of humor as well, better.

If you smile, you will be able to transmit your well-being to the people who see you smile.


Smile towards your heart

Try to smile also towards your interior, its benefits go beyond combating negative emotions, or relaxing the body.

Draw in you a loving feeling, an “inner smile”.

Let that smile reach your heart eliminating obstacles and energetic blocks.

It is beautiful to wake up every morning with a smile, and feeling gratitude.


Photo: Gabrielle Strijewski

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