My favorite essential oils for winter

My favorite essential oils for winter

Today I wanted to share with you my indispensable essential oils in winter.

They can help you treat colds, flu, sore throat, any bacterial, viral or respiratory infection … there is always an oil for each disease.

In winter I always have on hand …

Ravintsara: It is the first one that I use when the signs start. I like this oil more and more each day. It works as an antiviral and immune stimulant. It is also antibacterial, anticatarral and expectorant. You can use it in diffuser to clean the environment of viruses and bacteria. And at an atopic level on the soles of the feet, on chest, back and neck, always mixed with a vegetable oil. I put about 6 drops of vegetable for every 3 or 4 of Ravintsara.

Thyme: It is a broad spectrum antibacterial. Fantastic for viral and bacterial respiratory infections, bronchitis, sinusitis, angina, otitis, rhinitis, flu … in short, essential. Apply on the soles of the feet, on chest and back or you can ingest it in vegetable capsules.

Compact Oregano: Another great broad spectrum antibacterial, antiviral and immune stimulant, fungicide, antimicrobial. You can apply it on the soles of the feet and ingest it, (I recommend vegetable capsules), never directly.

Thieves: It is a mixture of the Young Living brand that contains 5 wonderful essential oils. It has cinnamon bark that stands out for its great antibacterial power of broad spectrum of action, eucalyptus radiata that acts as anticatarral espectorante, rosemary is anticatarral and mucolytic, lemon that is antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral and nail that is also a super antibacterial and fungicide . This perfect mixture acts as a natural antibiotic.

You can use it in diffuser, on the soles of your feet, and you can even swallow it. I can not live without it !!! If you need an extra effect you could combine it with thyme and oregano.
Breathe Again and RC: Two wonderful mixtures of Young Living. They contain in large part several eucalyptus that support the respiratory system in depth. I combine them and they are a support to the other antibacterial oils.

Citrus in general: I love using them in winter as they are fruits of this season. They lift the mood and generate positive energy. Use them by inhalation, or as a perfume, you can mix several if you feel like it. In diffuser they are especially pleasant, they create a clean and fresh environment at home.

Consult a doctor before starting any treatment.

This is just my experience. Essential oils are “essential” at home for my family and me. Remember that they are not medicines, they are the pure essence of plants and flowers at your fingertips.